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“Grandfather cuts loose the ponies” artwork created by Chewelah sculptor David Govedare on a hillside overlooking the Columbia River in Vantage.

Our 2021 Grantmaking Report is here!

We are excited to share our 2021 Grantmaking Report, an overview of the growing number of community organizations the foundation is supporting in our second full year of significant grantmaking. 2021 was an incredible year of learning for us. We connected with, heard from, and made grants to hundreds of organizations and gained innumerable insights from thousands of interactions.


The Foundation for Youth Resiliency and Engagement (FYRE) works with young people in Okanogan County. Photo: FYRE

Community at the center

Communities most impacted by inequities must be at the center of solutions. In each of Washington’s 39 counties, Black, Indigenous, and other people of color; people with disabilities; members of the LGBTQIA+ community; immigrants and refugees; people living with low incomes; and many who hold several of these identities are leading transformative work. Our funding prioritizes their efforts.

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Racial justice is our leading value

Group Health Foundation believes true equity is possible only when communities have decision-making power over the material conditions of their lives. Organizations and initiatives led by those affected by inequity have the best solutions for enacting real change. We are committed to realizing equity in Washington and ensuring that every choice we make as a foundation is aligned with our beliefs.

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People gather for King County Equity Now’s Juneteenth Freedom March in 2020 holding #PayTheFee and Black Lives Matter signs and a Garvey flag.

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Organizations we support

We fund community-based groups, fiscally sponsored projects, and tribal entities leading transformative work in Washington.

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Celebrating five years with Ann Ngo

August 11, 2022

“From day one, GHF has been all about relationships and community,” says Ann Ngo, technology and operations manager and one of the foundation’s first employees, about what has remained central both to her role and to the organization over the last five years.

Meet Emma Noyes

August 31, 2022

Eager to delve into her role overseeing research and evaluation work at the foundation, Emma Noyes shares how her upbringing informs her community work and artistry.

Remembering Sandra Williams

September 12, 2022

Our team mourns the passing of Sandra “Sandy” Williams and her partner Patricia Hicks—an unbearable loss for their loved ones, The Black Lens, The Carl Maxey Center, and the communities in Spokane fighting for equity and justice every day.