Our Approaches

Our approaches

As we build relationships with communities and develop our grantmaking, we are reflecting on the experiences and guidance shared by leaders across Washington about what it means to be a respectful philanthropic partner. To hold ourselves accountable, we have begun to articulate how we will approach critical areas of our work and the decisions we make.

Building relationships with communities

Group Health Foundation is committed to developing trusting and meaningful relationships with leaders and community organizations across Washington State. We know that building a statewide foundation that is both reflective of and responsive to communities will only happen through deep, sustained relationships. 

Download Our Approach to Building Relationships with Communities to learn more about our beliefs, our practices for how we show up, and priorities for community outreach.

Learning, information, and evaluation

Learning is one of our core values, guiding our organizational culture and how we approach our work—from grantmaking and relationship-building to research and evaluation. We ground our learning in community wisdom, and are dedicated to sharing what we learn from our successes and setbacks. We recognize that what we learn through information and evaluation can support our collective journey toward long-term systems change and community well-being.

Download Our Approach to Information, Learning, and Evaluation to read more about our beliefs and practices.