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35 organizations countering anti-Asian violence receive emergency funding

While anti-Asian racism is not new to our country’s history, the last few years were still difficult for many Asian people and communities who call Washington and the United States home. Pacific Islander and Asian leaders we spoke to commonly used the word “anxious” to describe the state of their communities. We learned about the vandalization of Asian-owned businesses and Asian community centers across theRead More »

Meet Angie Corwin

Angie Corwin grew up in a household that embodied the meaning of community and volunteerism. From the age of five, she remembers participating in Operation: Sack Lunch, helping deliver meals to people experiencing housing and food insecurity. But just as important as feeding people, Angie’s parents instilled in her a deeper sense of community—one thatRead More »

Generations later, the Yakima Buddhist Church continues to be the center of the Valley’s Japanese community

In response to increasing anti-Asian violence, Group Health Foundation granted Asian-led and Pacific Islander-led organizations with nearly $1 million in Equitable Response and Recovery Funding. The Yakima Buddhist Church is one of the 35 grant recipients. Sukiyaki, a simmering dish of thinly sliced beef, yam noodles, bamboo shoots, onions, and other vegetables, has sustained theRead More »

Jerry and his parents stand in front of a football field.

Meet Jerry Martinez

Jerry recently joined Group Health Foundation as a program associate on the grantmaking team, and will be based out of our Tri-Cities office when it opens later this year. His role includes a range of relationship management, research, team coordination, and administrative activities.Read More »

Dieudonné poses on the Great Wall of China.

Meet Dieudonné Mundy

Dieudonné is excited to join the Foundation as the first investment analyst taking part in the Foundation’s three-year investment professional development program. It’s important to her that the Foundation not only align its investments with its values, but it makes investments in people, too.Read More »