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Meet Angie Corwin

Angie Corwin grew up in a household that embodied the meaning of community and volunteerism. From the age of five, she remembers participating in Operation: Sack Lunch, helping deliver meals to people experiencing housing and food insecurity. But just as important as feeding people, Angie’s parents instilled in her a deeper sense of community—one thatRead More »

Jerry and his parents stand in front of a football field.

Meet Jerry Martinez

Jerry recently joined Group Health Foundation as a program associate on the grantmaking team, and will be based out of our Tri-Cities office when it opens later this year. His role includes a range of relationship management, research, team coordination, and administrative activities.Read More »

Dieudonné poses on the Great Wall of China.

Meet Dieudonné Mundy

Dieudonné is excited to join the Foundation as the first investment analyst taking part in the Foundation’s three-year investment professional development program. It’s important to her that the Foundation not only align its investments with its values, but it makes investments in people, too.Read More »