Who can donate to Group Health Foundation?

Anyone can join our more than 5,000 donors who contribute to Group Health Foundation. Donors come from all areas of the state and are committed to improving health outcomes for the people of Washington.

How can I learn about Group Health Cooperative?

Download the Group Health Timeline (1947-2007) book or the summary of Group Health’s final chapter, Group Health Embracing Change (2007-2017).

How does Group Health Foundation differ from Group Health Community Foundation?

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all donations to Group Health Foundation are tax deductible, as allowable by law. GHF accepts donations from the community and grants those funds to nonprofit organizations that improve health outcomes in Washington state.

Since Group Health Community Foundation has significant assets, why would I contribute to Group Health Foundation?

Group Health Foundation remains a separate organization as a subsidiary of Group Health Community Foundation. For decades, GHF has been supported by the community to ensure children and families have access to quality care, especially immunizations. GHF has contributed to thousands of patients getting better care through innovations funded from donations. Individual donors are essential to keep these programs running, as we do not expect that Group Health Community Foundation funds will be used to directly support these programs.

As a Kaiser Permanente or Washington Permanente Medical Group staff member, will I still be able to donate through payroll deduction to GHF?

Yes! Payroll deduction remains a simple, efficient way to contribute to GHF.

How much of my gift goes directly to charitable programs and how much to fundraising and other operating expenses?

In 2015, we spent 89 percent on charitable programs and 11 percent on fundraising and management.

What if I have left a gift for Group Health Foundation in my will?

Thank you for remembering us. If you have made a planned gift to Group Health Foundation, you should not need to make any change to your will. To be certain that your intention is clear, your will should state that you are giving to ‘Group Health Foundation’ and include our tax ID number: 91-1246278.

If I have directed my gift to a specific program will I still be able to fund that program?

Yes. All programs and facilities that donors are supporting currently can continue to receive their donations. Contact us if you have questions.

Will Kaiser Permanente Washington be able to apply for grants?

Yes, Kaiser Permanente Washington will be able to apply for grants just as any other organization.

Is my gift to Group Health Foundation tax deductible?

Yes, to the extent allowable by law all financial contributions are tax deductible. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our tax ID number is 91-1246278.

What is Group Health Foundation's privacy policy?

Group Health Foundation is committed to respecting privacy. We protect personal information and adhere to all legal requirements with respect to privacy. We do not rent, sell, or trade our mailing lists. We use your personal information to keep you informed of our activities, including programs, services, special events, funding needs, how contributions are used to support the community, and opportunities to volunteer or give.

If at any time you wish to be removed from any of these activities, please contact us. We will gladly accommodate your request.