Introducing Group Health Community Foundation

A new and extraordinary foundation is emerging in Washington state: Group Health Community Foundation aims to improve the health and well-being of people and communities in Washington and beyond.

Learning is an essential part of our fabric. We will rely on community wisdom, thoughtful partnerships, and research insights to determine our priorities. We plan to support and build on what is working today, learn from others, and share what we discover.

We have a significant opportunity

Working with communities across the state, we seek to accelerate positive changes in health and health policy. We endeavor to tackle the root causes of health inequities and reimagine the ways we foster health.

Informed by communities, partners, and evidence, we will test creative and bold solutions. We will reach beyond the traditional boundaries of health care to engage other sectors and address social determinants of health—the social, environmental, and economic conditions that affect lifelong health and wellness.

Together, we believe that we can tackle complex and challenging health issues that require deep investments, long-term commitments, and a willingness to explore new approaches. Together, we can advance the community’s vision of a vibrant, healthy Washington.

Carrying on Group Health’s legacy

Group Health Community Foundation was created to carry on Group Health’s legacy of social impact after Kaiser Permanente acquired Group Health Cooperative. We are an independent 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, with $1.7 billion to commit toward reducing health disparities and promote health.

The longstanding Group Health Foundation has been spurring innovation in health for more than 30 years. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 1983 as part of Group Health Cooperative, is now a subsidiary of Group Health Community Foundation. Its donor-driven funds remain distinct from Group Health Community Foundation, and will continue to be invested in efforts to improve health and health care through immunizations, innovation, and patient care.

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