Meet Novelett Cotter

Novelett emigrated from Jamaica to New York when she was a teenager. After earning her BA at City University of New York, Novelett put her passion for organizing and problem-solving into action by serving as an executive assistant for multiple businesses. “I’ve always been entrepreneurial, pursuing opportunities that allow me to constantly be learning and that provide the necessary flexibility to take care of my family.”

Early in her career, Novelett worked at ABC, Inc., where she planned major network meetings and got to meet Arsenio Hall, Muhammed Ali, and Ray Charles, among other notable celebrities. For five years at McKinsey & Company in New York, she worked as an executive assistant. After researching the best places to raise a family, Novelett moved with her three young children to the Seattle area in the 1990s. She continued to work as an executive assistant for McKinsey & Company in Seattle as a travel and facilities coordinator, then for Activate, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Microsoft Corporation, and City University.

Her creativity and entrepreneurialism propelled Novelett to start her own business as a virtual administrative assistant, providing a range of services for clients during the past decade. She also started businesses in international trading and real estate investing.

Novelett calls herself a lifelong learner. She is a certified travel agent, and is studying for her license in real estate. She has taught herself to sew, and now makes many of her own clothes. She recently bought a guitar to learn to play, and wants to learn photography too. She’s also studying French and Spanish, which will come in handy as she continues to travel and learn about other cultures.

Much of Novelett’s travel has been with Rotary. She has been active with the International District and Mercer Island Rotary Clubs, supporting initiatives to end polio, organizing tuition and school supplies for children in the slums of Nairobi, and building tiny homes in the Seattle area. She also volunteers with Operation Nightwatch, delivering meals and providing support for people experiencing homelessness. “I’m drawn to this work. Service is where my passion is. If money was no object, I’d spend all my time in service.”

Given her desire to make a difference, it’s not surprising Novelett was drawn to Group Health Foundation’s mission. She immediately thought: “I want to be a part of this. Tackling systemic inequities is what I want to do, and there is an authenticity about the Foundation’s work too.” As the meetings, events, and accessibility associate, Novelett will be applying her skills and passions to advance the Foundation’s mission and ensure all events are aligned with the Foundation’s values of equity, learning, and partnership.