Our Approach

We have a significant opportunity

We believe by working together we can disrupt the status quo so everyone in Washington has the opportunity for good health. We recognize there is much work already underway in communities across the state. Still, there is much that needs to be done to achieve health equity in Washington.

We will build on what is working today and learn from others to tackle the root causes of health inequities. We endeavor to address health from every angle. We will reach broadly—beyond the traditional boundaries of health care—to engage other sectors and address the inter-related factors that affect health.

Equity will drive our efforts

At the heart of our work will be a commitment to equity so opportunities for health are available to everyone. We know that factors such as racism, discriminatory policies, and unequal investments in communities play a role in health. We are committed to deepening our shared understanding of these issues, and working with communities to address them.

Community engagement is a priority

We believe engaging the wisdom and experience of community members is fundamental to understanding these issues and developing workable solutions. Group Health Cooperative was built on the idea that the best way to serve patients and their families is to involve them in shaping their care. Group Health Foundation will carry forward this same commitment to community, knowing that we will only be successful in reaching our shared goals if we work together.

We aim to catalyze different approaches

We seek the greatest improvement in health for the people and communities that need it most. This will require a deep examination and exploration of how we can eliminate the barriers and biases embedded in our institutions and systems. We plan to devote resources to research, testing new integrated approaches, and promoting policy change that addresses the root causes of health inequities. We will work flexibly across issues, evaluating our efforts and learning from our successes and shortfalls.

Partnership is essential

We are eager to co-create solutions with people and partners across the state—community groups, nonprofits, philanthropy, tribes, academia, business, government, and others. We are inspired by those who are walking this path, and are humbled by the opportunity to tackle complex challenges together. We know that we don’t have all the answers, and intend to learn from those who are working to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities across our state.

Join us

We invite you to share your ideas and perspectives with us. Please visit our Contact Us page to tell us your vision for a healthy, vibrant Washington, and sign up to receive updates.

Together, we can accelerate positive changes in health and health policy so that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to realize their health potential.