We’re just getting started

We’re both excited and humbled by this incredible opportunity to partner with communities to re-imagine the ways health is fostered across our state. Our programs and grantmaking will be shaped by community aspirations for a vibrant, healthy Washington.

We are starting with significant resources from Kaiser Permanente’s acquisition of Group Health Cooperative, making us one of the largest foundations in the country focused on health equity. We plan to move forward thoughtfully and gradually, ensuring we are responsible stewards of the assets with which we’ve been entrusted.

As a learning organization, we will spend time in conversations with community members and organizations across the state to inform our priorities and create a framework for action. Following a thorough and open process, we aim to launch our grantmaking, advocacy, and other programmatic efforts in 2019. Together with communities, we will advance the programs and policies that help us achieve a shared vision of health.

The Momentum Fund

For the past 30 years, donors in the community supported the work of Group Health Cooperative. Since 2008, Group Health Foundation has given nearly $7 million to organizations and public health jurisdictions across the state to support childhood immunizations. These efforts endure through our Momentum Fund.