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We’re just getting started

We’re both humbled and excited by this incredible opportunity to partner with communities to improve health equity across our state. We plan to move forward thoughtfully and gradually, ensuring we are responsible stewards of the assets with which we’ve been entrusted. Our programs and grantmaking will be shaped by community aspirations for a healthy, vibrant Washington.

Our current efforts

Our 2018-2020 work plan is focused in seven key areas:

Learning. We are committed to a learning journey that deepens our understanding of how to effectively advance community aspirations and health equity. We are dedicated to engaging in meaningful dialogue and exploring issues of power and privilege. We recognize the impact racism has historically and continues to have on communities, as well as the many other forms of oppression and bias that limit opportunity. We will share what we learn, and apply lessons to our approach.

Community relationship- and trust-building. We believe that engaging the wisdom and experience of community members is fundamental to understanding the issues and developing workable solutions. We aim to build long-term relationships with identity- and place-based communities most impacted by inequities in Washington. We will continue to visit all reaches of the state, listening to and learning from communities about their experiences, perspectives, and ideas for improving health equity.

Health equity and political landscape. Our 501(c)(4) nonprofit status allows us to advocate more boldly for public policy initiatives. We will expand our knowledge and vision of the advocacy and policy opportunities before us, and explore how to best leverage our lobbying capacity to accelerate health equity.

Programs and grantmaking. Our programs and grantmaking will be shaped by community aspirations for a healthy, vibrant Washington. Building on our inaugural lessons learned grants in 2018, we will make additional grants to build relationships, learn from communities, and test ideas. To hold ourselves accountable, we will develop an approach to evaluation that reflects and promotes equity.

Organizational culture. A diverse and inclusive staff is essential to our goals. We will continue to build our team, hiring staff who can carry forward our mission, and cultivate an organizational culture grounded in our core values.

Operations. To meet the evolving needs of the organization, we will continue to develop effective systems, policies, and practices that are reflective of our values.

Financial investment. We will also build our financial investing infrastructure, develop our approach to impact investing, and grow a high-performing investment portfolio in support of our mission.